New Zealand.

At the the beginning of March 2016 I received a phone call asking me to volunteer to go to New Zealand to work on a project for two months. I said no, I could only do one month. I was told that would be OK.

I put all my belongings in storage and left Melbourne. I like the people and enjoy New Zealand, so I decided to stay in New Zealand for two and a half years.image


At Ardmona State School in 1955 one school day the class was around the war memorial near the school front gates and each of us was drawing the monument as an art lesson.

While all the other children drew it from a similar point of view to the photo, I drew a plan view instead. I loved the symmetry of the x joining the corners of a square, surrounded by larger concentric squares. It became more interesting for me as I attempted to represent the sloping and the rough surfaces of the obelisk.

My enjoyment was abruptly stopped by the art teacher as she told me that I was not drawing what I saw.

Much more recently I have become aware of my tendency to often think about things and events from a different perspective than most other people do.

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In 1962 when I was 14 years old, I wanted to be able to open one of these phones to explore its insides. I found that a wardrobe key would fit in the lock however it would not open it. One day I saw the key that a telephone technician used. I purchased a key blank and filed it to a similar shape and it worked. I was then able to see what was inside, and I also found the service record card with the phone number on it. Months later I was a boarder, living at school in Melbourne. I did not want to pay the expensive long distance trunk line charges for phoning my parents in Ardmona so I tried ringing the trunk line number 011 to charge the call to the telephone number of the public telephone. I only got the wrong number tone. I thought about other ways. I tried dialling 78011 as 78 would get me Frankston telephone exchange. Yes I was able to talk to the trunk line operator however when I she asked me what number I was calling from and I told her the number, she said “You are calling from the wrong area.” I called 783011 which got me the Melbourne exchange area through the Frankston telephone exchange. I used this method for calling home many times until the day I was told to go to the headmaster’s office. Other boys at the school had copied me, and one was caught by a telephone operator when making a fifteen minute trunk call to Sydney. There was the headmaster and three men from the Postmaster General’s Department in the headmaster’s office. One asked me who I had found out from how to avoid paying for the calls. He didn’t seem to believe me when I said I thought of the idea myself. The headmaster eventually said “I think Peter can go now.” He knew me well. The other boys who had copied me had all made  their calls from one telephone. They had to pay for the calls they made. As I had my key, I always called from different public telephones and didn’t pay for any (apart from the local call charge that I paid when I made each call). I was told that one of those men asked the headmaster, after I left the room, what he recommended they should do about me, and the headmaster said he thought they should give Peter a scholarship. What I did was both skilful and unethical.

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Some spokes on the back wheel of my friend’s bicycle had broken. The back wheel of my bike has had two broken spokes for months.

Even though I have many steps to take towards my goals, I chose to invest time into this project.

I visited the bicycle shop and purchased 6 spokes. I found the tool that I use for removing the gear cluster and bought a half inch socket and a tool with plenty of leverage because it takes considerable force to undo. I removed the wheel from the bicycle and removed gear cluster. It took some force though it was not a struggle as I had suitable equipment. I removed the broken spokes, fitted new ones, refitted the gear cluster and fitted the wheel back on the bicycle. Adjusting the spokes to make the wheel run true takes a while.

I felt satisfied having completed the repair and obtained the tools to be able to do it again in the future, However I had spent resources – time, money and effort, that I could have used towards my goals.

2016 I am focusing on my goals.

Delicious food

After another visit to Joe’s Organic Market I again have an abundant supply of delicious colourful ripe certified organically grown vegetables and fruits.

I wonder. Why do I not make the effort of going to where I can get food that is as enjoyable as this.

The vegetables are flavourful and plentiful. There is variety.

The fruits are ripe, juicy and each one is a taste sensation. The delicious after taste lasts long after I have enjoyed one. Or with grapes or cherries, a few.

I pack a selection of these ripe raw vegetables into my lunch box to enjoy during the day.

In 2016 I will be visiting an organic green grocery shop more often than I did in 2015.


This year 2015 is almost finished. Like previous years it has been another busy year for me.

Some goals for this year.image

  1. Allocate some time every day for planning and entering in my diary the activities that I plan.
  2. Write regularly. It has been months since I posted on my website. I was surprised when I looked at it today to see how I had left it.
  3. Live near the beach. Port Melbourne.
  4. Do a video of walking on eggshells. I have a few thousand eggshells. I just need a photographer and some other people to walk with. The Urban Dictionary defines walking on eggshells. “To watch what you say or do around a certain person because anything might set him or her off.” I used to do that more before I did my first video of walking on eggshells with only a few dozen eggshells.
  5. Write and publish an e-book
  6. Tidy up my living area and sort my possessions. Discard what I no longer need.
  7. Get some coaching from somebody who has been trained by Scott Sonnon. Also get some photos of me doing some of the exercises.
  8. Regularly post on social media
  9. Study
  10. Update my websites.



Peter Pullar

In 1948 I was born at Mooroopna, a country town in central Victoria, Australia.

I am the oldest of Frank and Lesley’s four children. One brother and two sisters.

We lived in Shepparton, then moved to the large family orchard in Ardmona.

At the age of eleven I went to boarding school. Geelong college. At the end of my third year there I was asked to leave. Lesley got me into a boarding school in Melbourne. Trinity Grammer School in Kew. I did school pranks at that school too!

In my year 12 exams I only just passed in mathematics and English.

In 1967 I went to Monash University however, unlike school, there were no teachers making sure that I studied, and I did not pass first year.

I spent a year at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where I took an interest in computer programming. The simultaneous linear equations program I did differently from the instructions. I wrote it so it would interpret the whole equation including the brackets, arithmetic signs and variable names instead of just a list of comma separated numbers as data. It took 20 minutes to compile on the room sized Elliott 803 computer and about 5 seconds to run three sets of data.

The following year I began working at Electronics Industries Limited (Astor) special Projects department in South Melbourne.

When Philips took over Astor, I moved to Haco Hagemeyer, repairing National Panasonic tape recorders, radios and the new audicassette recorders. I also worked part time as sound technician on Hair at the Metro Theatre, Bourke Street, Melbourne.

I worked for John Morrison, and as sound technician on the live theatre spectacular Jesus Christ Superstar in Sydney and Melbourne.




The Coaching Institute says

“Life coaching is about assisting a client in closing the gap between where they are & where they want to be. It’s about working with someone who wants to achieve more in their life. A professional life coach will assist their client to discover what is important to them, what is missing from their life or their business & what outcomes they are looking for. They will then ask questions, listen, reflect back what they hear, & challenge their client’s thinking in such a way that the client can think about new ways to create the transformation they are seeking.

Through working with a professional life coach, clients achieve the outcomes they are looking for faster & more effortlessly. Coaching clients report great levels of confidence, self esteem, passion for life, enhanced relationships & a far more focused approach to their life and to their business.”

I studied life coaching there and also at EQ events.

I am a life coach and my specialty is vitality, energy and health. For people who want to lose weight, I encourage them to focus on the goals of increasing their vitality, energy and health to get more of the results that they require. Usually it is much easier and the results are more permanent.

Not only do I coach in my specialty. All areas of life can be looked at. Relationships, career, emotions etc as each area of life is affected by every other one.

Please feel free to contact me, either by leaving a reply below (your reply here remains confidential unless you give me permission to publish it) or by phone: In Australia 0434 256611 Elsewhere +61 434 256611.

Energy Vitality and Health

120 Kilograms

120 Kg

82 Kg

I sometimes lost weight, and other times regained all the weight that I had lost and more.

In April 2010 I weighed 120 kilograms.

I was ambivalent about losing weight even though I knew that it would be better for my image if i did.

I didn’t mind being that fat. When I was doing volunteer work, loading rubbish into a skip, I could jump up and down on it and squash it down very well with my weight.

However there were disadvantages. My trousers tended to fall down because of my shape unless I wore bracers to hold them up. The spokes in my bicycle wheel tended to break a lot. I could not fit in small spaces in ceilings or under houses to do installation work.

Eventually I stopped trying to lose weight. It just wasn’t working.

Instead I focused on the goal of increasing my energy, vitality and health.

I enjoy having more energy and I began to appreciate vitalizing foods, especially colourful juicy delicious raw vegetables.

I did not care about my weight. It often remained the same for weeks for months. I did however notice a steady decrease in my waist measurement.

I lost weight over that time. Many people commented on how much food I was eating. I was not restricting my food intake. I did stop eating chips, bread and cereals. No more milk or fruit juice. I still had a piece of fruit each day. I ate plenty of delicious salads and still ate meat, eggs and fish.

I am enjoying endless varieties of combinations of delicious raw foods. Not only do they taste great. I also feel vital and energetic after eating them. That is so different from how I used to feel after a meal with the foods that I used to eat.

I did not want to do the boring cardio that the gym instructors wanted me to include in my exercise program. I like doing a heavy gym workout or doing interval training. Three 45 second bursts on the rowing machine with three minutes rest between. Or swimming six sprint laps of the pool with two minutes rest between each. Much quicker and more fun than the treadmill or exercise bike.

I now know that there is an easier way to get in shape than focusing on losing weight. In fact waist measurement is more useful than weight measurement to determine my progress.

I recommend changing that goal of losing weight to a goal of increasing your energy, vitality and health.

After all what we focus on tends to expand. Focusing on weight – do you want that to expand? You may just want more energy, vitality and health. Having that will remove your need for the excess body fat and help you to burn it off at a steady rate.


Self employment

After working for Australian Video Engineering for a several years I decided to be self employed.

I set up a limited liability company, Peter F Pullar Pty Ltd in my home at 126 Burnley Street, Richmond.

While many people said it was not a good time to start in business, I still went ahead and did it. I got plenty of service work and at quieter times did some manufacturing. My customers all paid me promptly and my business grew.

One day when I was enjoying some physical exercise I suffered a back injury. I had severe muscle spasm, and couldn’t do much work for days. I temporarily employed a young person to assist me, and that worked out well.

A few months after I recovered and the temporary employee left, I began to have more work than I could handle so I employed an apprentice. He was brilliant, doing the work quickly and effectively.

I got more work and employed a second apprentice. The two of them proved very reliable and I enjoyed working with them far more than working on my own.

We manufactured some unique innovative products. We invented a device to reduce the flicker problem that occurred when converting NTSC video to Pal using a PAL television camera to video the picture on an NTSC television monitor. However I did not market it effectively and only sold two to people that I knew.

Nick Aloglou asked me to develop his prototype of a queue system to be manufactureable and marketable. It had a LED display sign, an indicator light for each teller position, and a voice announcement like “Teller four is now available”

I developed it however the digitalker voice sounded robotic and the product did not work. Eventually Vic Punch supplied the digitized natural voice boards that made it a viable product. We manufactured several of these which Vic sold to the State Savings Bank of Victoria.

When I had a daughter I was unable to spend as much time at work. The bank stopped buying the queue systems. Also my personal expenses were much higher, and I took more money out of the business. The business could not survive as it required me to be there nearly all the time. After those years being self employed, I went back to working for an employer.

Again I was mainly working alone, and really missed those times I had people working with me.